Design, production, sales, implementation…

The main scope of our company’s activity focuses on designing, producing, selling and implementing industrial class technological installations based on devices manufactured both by our D4pro company and other suppliers – world’s leading brands of industrial fittings.

Our main clients are coal mining companies, energy and chemical industries that require solid, sturdy and reliable solutions.

Our projects base on top-notch technologies, including the latest management and visualization systems in the IT / OT area.

Upon the client’s request, we supervise the implementation of our designs and staff training.

Posiadając doświadczony zespół inżynierów informatyków i automatyków,
z uprawnieniami zarówno projektowymi jak i wykonawczymi. Jesteśmy  w  stanie  zaoferować Państwu pełen zakres usług oraz gotowych rozwiązań.

Having an experienced team of IT and automation engineers,
with both design and executive permissions, we are able to offer a full range of services as well as ready-made solutions.

Nasi doradcy zapewnią Państwu kompleksowe doradztwo techniczne na każdym etapie realizacji projektu/inwestycji. Dobierzemy dla Państwa najbardziej efektywne rozwiązania.

Our consultants will provide you with comprehensive technical consulting at every stage of the project / investment implementation. We will select the most effective solutions for you and your needs.

ażdy projekt potrafimy zamienić w funkcjonalne urządzenie, które spełni Państwa oczekiwania. Urządzenia przeprowadzamy  przez procesy certyfikacji aby spełniały wszystkie wymagania dotyczące bezpieczeństwa.

Each and every project can be turned into a functional device that will meet your expectations. We certify the equimpent and installations in order to meet all safety requirements.

We implement the devices in accordance with the applicable safety rules, ensuring full professionalism and timeliness of our actions.

We create full and easily understandable technical documentation of our devices, carry out physical tests, issue quality certificates and CE declarations.

We invite you to contact us.