D4pro in the www.pgg.pl portal - May 2019

In the “Murcki-Staszic” coal mine on the 500m level, the Automatic Filter Station was designed, made and installed by the D4pro company. The station’s task is to mechanically clean mine water obtained from the main drainage of the mine. The station fulfills the following functions: filter, settler, protective screen, protection of installed devices against dirt, control and measurement of the flowing medium.


D4pro in PGG Magazyn - February 2/2019

In the Murcki-Staszic PGG coal mine at the 500m level, the Automatic Filtration Station ASF / G was designed and installed by D4pro. The ASF / G station is managed and controlled by the most modern IT devices. Automatically controlled locally or from the surface from a specially dedicated dispatching station. The station ensures permanent mine water recovery in order to re-use it in technological processes.